United Nations & Other International Government Publications Collection Development Policy (Government Publications Department)

March 1981; Revised 1992; Revised 1999; Revised 2003

I. Academic Programs Served

The purpose of the Government Publications Collection is to support all levels of research and teaching in the academic community.

II. Clientele Served

The Government Publications Collection supports the information needs of the members of the academic community.

III. General Collection Policy Considerations

A. English language materials are collected. The exception would be non-English United Nations government publications.

B. Chronological limits: none

C. Foreign government publications are not collected for the Government Publications Collection. This does not preclude such publications being acquired by other library areas.

D. Formats of materials collected:

1. Printed and processed materials

2. Microforms

3. Information which appears in the electronic format.

Formats of materials excluded:

1. Maps – with rare exception

2. Legal materials – the exception would be legal materials issued by the United Nations

IV. Collecting Levels

A. United Nations and League of Nations

The Government Publications Department collects United Nations and League of Nations publications. These publications are acquired primarily through standing orders based on established profiles. Active selection, however, is concerned with both privately-disseminated or agency-disseminated print and non-print material. All United Nations publications are housed in the Government Publications Department.

B. Other International Government Publications

Government Publications of other international governmental organizations are collected by the Government Publications Department if these materials meet the reference needs of the department. Other international government publications are acquired by the University Libraries based on the collection development policies of the academic disciplines. This material is cataloged for the main stacks.

C. Reference

Privately disseminated reference tools are acquired if they meet the reference needs of the department.

V. Other Resources

A. At NIU: none

B. Off Campus

1. There are official international government publications depositories throughout Illinois (e.g., United Nations, European Communities). The Government Publications Department maintains a listing of all of these special depositories.

2. The Center for Research Libraries maintains a very large collection of international and foreign government publications. Northern Illinois University Libraries holds institutional membership in the Center.

VI. Special Remarks

Government Publications issued by Southeast Asian governments are collected by the Southeast Asia unit of the NIU Libraries.

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