Constitution & Bylaws

Constitution of Northern Illinois University

Article 1: The University Council
Article 2: Membership on the University Council
Article 3: Officers of the University Council
Article 4: Standing Committees of the University Council
Article 5: Meetings of the University Council
Article 6: Faculties, Standing Committees, Councils and Boards of the Faculty and Administration
Article 7: Related Councils
Article 8: Selection of a President
Article 9: Human Rights
Article 10: Amendment Procedures


9.1 Academic Freedom

Freedom of thought, inquiry, and scholarly and artistic expression is fundamental and essential to the maintenance of the academic community. In all of its actions, the university shall act to uphold this principle and to create an environment totally conducive to the unfettered exploration of ideas, pursuit of knowledge, and scholarly and artistic expression.

9.2 Equality of Treatment

The university shall afford to all members of its community fair, impartial, and equal treatment regardless of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, marital status, age, color, veteran status, political views or affiliation, religious views or affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental disability, or other factors unrelated to their scholarly or professional performance. The university may make specific provisions to promote affirmative action.

9.3 Due Process

The university shall establish orderly procedures to insure fairness in its treatment of individual members of the community, and to insure the protection of the rights and welfare of both the individual members of the community and of the university itself.

9.4 Procedures

Procedures for the protection of the above rights shall be set forth in the bylaws.

Article 9.2 amendment approved by the University Council on 11/02/2011; approved by faculty referendum on 11/28/2011; and approved by the Board of Trustees 05/02/2012.



Amendment of the constitution shall be accomplished by the following sequence of procedures:

10.1 Written notice of a proposed amendment may be presented at any regular meeting of the University Council by any voting or nonvoting member, but no final action shall be taken on a proposed amendment until at least the next regular meeting of the University Council.

10.2 Approval of the proposed amendment by a two-thirds vote of the University Council members voting.

10.3 Approval of the proposed amendment in a faculty referendum in which a majority of those voting concur. For voting eligibility, see Article 6, Section 6.1.1.

10.4 Approval of the proposed amendment by the Board of Trustees pursuant to the Board of Trustees Governance Documents.

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