Constitution & Bylaws

Bylaws of Northern Illinois University


21.1 Principles Governing Consideration of Program Elimination

Whenever elimination of an academic program is under consideration, every effort shall be made to insure that all discussions and deliberations regarding program elimination are as open and inclusive as possible. In particular, regardless of the specific mechanisms and procedures through which these deliberations occur consistent with established principles of "shared governance," all members of the university community shall be explicitly invited, in as timely a fashion as possible, to make their views known to those charged with making the recommendation regarding retention or elimination of an academic program.

21.2 Principles Governing Reassignment of Tenured Faculty

In the event that an academic program is eliminated:

21.2.1 The university shall make every effort to expedite reassignment of affected faculty to compatible units on the campus. 

21.2.2 The Faculty and SPS Personnel Advisor and the Faculty Development Office shall be available to assist in making such reassignments as easy as possible for both individual faculty members and the academic units concerned. 

21.2.3 The executive vice president and provost's office shall actively assist deans and chairs to help insure that all such reassignments occur with a minimum of difficulty and disruption. 

Amendment approved by University Council on 04/30/2008.