2019-20 Committees of the University

University Council Personnel Committee - 2019-2020

University Council Personnel Committee
NIU Bylaws, Article 2.3

Working Rules of the UCPC

2.3.1 Composition All voting members of the University Council Personnel Committee shall be tenured members of the faculty. The committee shall consist of members chosen as follows: Seven members of the University Council: one each from the faculty elected to represent the colleges of Business, Education, Engineering and Engineering Technology, Health and Human Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, and two from among the faculty elected to represent the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

These members shall be appointed by the Faculty Senate prior to the selection of other members of the committee and shall serve staggered two-year terms during their membership on the University Council. Members from the faculties of the colleges chosen as follows: 

(A) One member from each of the following college councils chosen by members of that college council: Business, Education, Engineering and Engineering Technology, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts; such members shall not be chosen from the same academic departments as the members selected for the committee from these colleges by the Faculty Senate.

(B) One member from the faculty of the College of Law and the University Libraries chosen by that faculty. The vice provost for graduate studies and research who shall serve ex officio, but who shall not vote; The executive vice president and provost who shall serve ex officio as chair, but who shall not vote. 

2.3.2 Duties Provide the colleges and the faculty with university criteria, current policies, and compliance dates for various personnel actions. Review and formulate recommendations regarding all proposed changes in university policy pertaining to salary increases, tenure, promotion in rank, leaves-without-pay, and for sabbatical leaves for academic personnel. No university policy relating to faculty compensation, including increments, shall be established or changed until it has been reviewed and recommended by the University Council Personnel Committee. All such recommendations shall be reported to the University Council. Insure that the personnel policies and procedures of the individual colleges and of the university libraries are up-to-date, in compliance with university policies, adequate to the demands and expectations placed upon them, and properly enforced and implemented in all situations. To accomplish this purpose, the committee may undertake analyses of aggregate personnel decisions by departments and colleges for the purpose of determining compliance by such units with university policies. In doing this, the committee shall not, however, undertake investigations or reviews of individual personnel decisions, except as such decisions must be reviewed in the context of a broader aggregate analysis of college and departmental personnel actions. Approve the personnel policies and procedures of the individual colleges and of the university libraries, and all proposed changes in such policies, before such policies and procedures can be implemented. Review all department and college recommendations pertaining to policies on salary increases and aggregate analyses of all department and college recommendations regarding tenure and promotion in rank for all personnel holding faculty rank. Formulate recommendations regarding sabbatical leave applications in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of these bylaws. Review and forward its recommendation to the president on each case involving promotion, tenure, or sabbatical leave in which the executive vice president and provost disagrees with a unanimous recommendation made by the college and department concerned. Serve as an appeals board to hear and forward recommendations to the executive vice president and provost on individual cases involving: 

A. Allegations of procedural violations at the college level; 
B. Disagreements on a personnel decision/recommendation between a college and a department; 
C. Disagreements on a personnel decision/recommendation between a dean and a college council or college personnel committee; 
D. Concerns of the executive vice president and provost about a possible violation of personnel procedures or standards which was not resolved at the college level. 

The definition of this review authority is further specified in section 6.3.4 of these bylaws. Perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by these bylaws. 

Meeting agendas and minutes


UCPC From the University Council
Two-year terms
2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
Business Jon Briscoe, MGMT James Burton, MGMT James Burton, MGMT
Education So-Yeun Kim, KNPE Fall-So-Yeun Kim, KNPE
Spring-Bill Penrod, SEED
Engineering and Engineering Technology Gary Chen, ISYE Gary Chen, ISYE
Health and Human Sciences King Chung, AHCD Hamid Bateni, AHCD Hamid Bateni, AHCD
Liberal Arts and Sciences Fall-Anne Hanley, HIST
Spring-Eric Mogren, HIST
Fall-Anne Hanley, HIST
Spring-Sean Farrell, HIST
Sean Farrell, HIST
Liberal Arts and Sciences Kendall Thu, ANTH Simon Weffer, SOCI, for Thu
Visual and Performing Arts Richard Sigesmund, ARTD Richard Siegesmund, ARTD
UCPC Members from the College Councils
One-year terms
2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-21
Business Don Tidrick, ACCY Charles Petersen, OMIS
Education Teresa Fisher, CAHE Fall-Myoungwhon Jung, SEED
Spring-James Cohen, CURR
Engineering and Engineering Technology Robert Tatara, TECH Robert Tatara, TECH
Health and Human Sciences Bryan Dallas, SIHP Bryan Dallas, SIHP
Law Fall-Laurel Rigertas
Spring-Marc Falkoff
Robert Jones
Liberal Arts and Sciences Alastair Fletcher, MATH Alastair Fletcher, MATH
Visual and Performing Arts Tracy Nunnaly, THED Bill Goldenberg, MUSI
University Libraries Junlin Pan Nestor Osorio
Other Members
Ex officio, nonvoting
2019-20 2020-21
Executive Vice President and Provost  Chris McCord Beth Ingram
Vice President for Research and Innovation Partnerships  Gerald Blazey Gerald Blazey