2018-19 Committees of the University

University Benefits Committee 
(Bylaws, Article 17.2)

Membership of University Benefits Committee

17.2 University Benefits Committee

17.2.1 Composition The University Benefits Committee is directly responsible to the president and shall consist of:

(A) A chair, elected by and from the committee;

Two faculty members appointed by the president upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate;

Two operating staff members appointed by the president upon the recommendation of the Operating Staff Council;

Two supportive professional staff members appointed by the president upon the recommendation of the Supportive Professional Staff Council;

One representative of the administration, appointed by the executive vice president and provost;

 Senior administrator responsible for human resource services or designee;

One member from the retired employees, appointed by the NIU Annuitants Association;

One member from the Faculty Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Profession, as liaison;

The manager of insurance and employee benefits and others who may be directly involved in the administration of employee benefits may assist the committee as resource personnel. The committee chair and secretary shall be elected by and from members of the committee at the first committee meeting in the fall. The term of office for faculty, operating staff, and supportive professional staff members shall be three years, staggered, beginning in the fall semester. Representatives of the administration shall serve until their successors are appointed. 

17.2.2 Duties To act as an advisory body to the president on any and all employee benefits pertaining to faculty, operating staff, and supportive professional staff. To review present benefit plans and proposals received from the University Council, the Operating Staff Council, Supportive Professional Staff Council, and the committee itself. To make recommendations to the president concerning employee benefits.

University Benefits Committee 
The UBC meets on the first Thursday of the month, 2 p.m., Altgeld Hall 203

Faculty (2)
Tim Aurand
Tim Aurand
*Wendell Johnson
*Laura Beamer Laura Beamer Laura Beamer
Committee on the Economic Status of the Profession representative (from Faculty Senate)
Laura Beamer Alicia Schatteman
Operating Staff (2)
Mary Wyzard
Karen Smith for Anthony Calderala Karen Smith for Calderala
Karen Smith for Calderala
Supportive Professional Staff (2)
Janet Love-Moore
David Dosier for Love-Moore 
Deb Boughton Deb Boughton
Executive Vice President & Provost representative
Murali Krishnamurthi
Murali Krishnamurthi
Senior administrator responsible for Human Resource Services or designee
Celeste Latham
*Celeste Latham
Annuitants Association representative
Toni Tollerud Toni Tollerud
@Manager of Insurance and Employee Benefits
Liz Guess
Liz Guess

* chair/co-chairs
@ ex officio