Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare

February 23-26, March 2-5, 2017

The families Montague and Capulet hate each other. When the Capulets invite the public to a masquerade ball at their mansion, the Montagues are not included. However, Romeo Montague is persuaded by friends to abandon his unrequited love of Capulet’s niece, Rosaline, attend the party and find a new love.

Concealing his identity behind a mask, he attends the ball, where he and Juliet Capulet instantly fall in love. Because of their respective family allegiances, their love and subsequent marriage must be kept a secret. 

When Romeo’s best friend Mercutio is killed by Tybalt Capulet in a sword fight, Romeo in turn avenges his friend’s death. Considered a justifiable murder, he is banished from the city. The secret of their marriage now even more imperative, the two lovers conceive a plan to run off together. Victims of the stars or simply of unlucky circumstances, their love will never be.

Written in 1594, Romeo and Juliet is still arguably the greatest love story in all of literature—it is at the very least the most well-known. The play has inspired nearly forty films, two operas, a musical and countless adaptations of the storyline.   

Shakespeare’s poetry in Romeo and Juliet is considered by many to be his best. Whatever the personal or academic opines, it is clear that this love story has provided the world with many famous quotes that will forever be a part of the conversations about matters of the heart. 

   "But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!" (2.2.2-3)

   "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other word would smell as sweet." (2.2.43-44)

Thursday, February 23 7:30pm
Friday, February 24 7:30pm
Saturday, February 25 7:30pm
Sunday, February 26 2:00pm

Thursday, March 2 7:30pm
Friday, March 3 7:30pm
Saturday, March 4 7:30pm
Sunday, March 5 2:00pm

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