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Online Course Evaluations

Online Course Evaluations

Blue Evaluations

Basic Principles of NIU Blue

The NIU Blue On-Line Course Evaluation System provides an automated way for departments to conduct student evaluations of select course sections. The operation of NIU Blue encompasses four core principles:

  1. Instructors cannot see evaluation results until after the semester is over.
  2. Students must be finished posting evaluations before grade posting opens.
  3. Instructors must be allowed at least 2 days to add personalized questions.
  4. Students must be allowed at least 2 days to complete course evaluations.

Click here for more information on NIU BlueEvaluations.

Please Note: In order to be included in the BlueEvaluation system, instructor/faculty members need to log into their MyNIU account with their employee ID number, then click on "MyNIU Student System" to activate their ID.   

If you encounter an error message regarding your login please contact DoIT at 815-753-8100.