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Paper & Pencil Evaluations

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Paper & Pencil Evaluations

NIU's Testing Services machine scores and processes spring and fall course evaluations. We ask all instructors to follow these instructions carefully when submitting evaluations for processing. To learn more about administering and interpreting the student evaluations processed by Testing Services, review the NIU Course and Instructor Evaluations Booklet.

When submitting your packets of evaluations to be processed, attach a completed Evaluation Form with the following information filled out for each course/packet:

  • Reference number of the course
  • Instructor's name for that course
  • Course number (for example, if the course is in the English department, enter 103, 104, 105, etc.)
  • Class section (for example, if the course is English 103, enter section 1, 2, 3, etc.)

Only one evaluation form is needed per group of packets, however the information on the evaluation form should be in the same order as the packets. For example, if reference number 2222 is listed first on the evaluation form, it should be the top packet in the submission. By listing and stacking reference numbers in order, we can process your evaluations more quickly.

Direct any questions regarding the administration and/or interpretation of student evaluations processed by Testing Services to Kathy King (815)753-6148.