Outreach Programs

Lorado Taft at dusk

The Lorado Taft Staff are now offering outreach programs! There are many classes we can teach outdoors or indoors and can adapt to state standards. Each class takes about 1.5 hours, however programs can be modified to fill longer or shorter time slots.

Our activities are designed to adhere to the CDC guidelines, mask requirements, social distancing, sanitizing and limiting sharing materials between students. We can come directly to your classroom or outdoor space to teach any of the lessons listed below.

If you do not see a class you would like, we can collaborate to come up with something new! Contact: Alyssa Parker at aparker4@niu.edu or 815-732-2111.

Class Cost

Each class is $100/class plus travel at $0.62 per mile (if 30 miles or more from Lorado Taft Field Campus)


This program includes looking at insects up close and personal, creating your own insect, learning about insect adaptations and looking for insects in your area!

Garbage Patch Dissection

Students will learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, dissect albatross boluses and run a "recycle relay." These activities are designed so students can learn about the connectedness of our planet by exploring how trash ends up converging in the ocean and effects ocean wildlife.

Osteology and Genetics

Students participate in a comparison of different animal bones and skulls to discover what can be learned about the animals. Additionally, the students will learn about how adaptations can help or hinder animals in the wild.


Learn about the three different rock formations, how they are formed, look at different types of rocks and hunt for the forces of weathering and erosion still at work today.

Fire Science

Students learn about the history and chemistry of fire while using different methods to try to start fires in small groups.

Primitive Weapons and Early Games

During this program students can start a fire with a bow drill, test agility and accuracy with skill games, and learn hands on about the progression of weapons throughout early history!

Orienteering, GPS, Map Making

Students learn how to use a compass to navigate, how to read and make a map and how to navigate using a handheld GPS.


Learn about bird beaks, adaptations, migration and go for a bird walk!


Learn about constellations, stars and different legends surrounding our night sky.


Does your classroom need to work on communication? Empathy? Cooperation? This program helps students work together, find their strengths and weaknesses and helps them succeed in a group.