Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Group of kids pose at Lorado Taft

Where Will My Child Sleep?

Students are housed in dormitories located on campus. Boys and girls are housed separately. Each dormitory has its own bathroom and shower facility and sleeps eight to 28 students in each room in bunk beds. Dorms are heated or air-conditioned, depending upon the season. Each dorm has a separate instructor room with private bathroom for chaperones and teachers.

Can a Child With a Physical Disability Participate in the Program?

YES! Many of our buildings and dorms are handicapped accessible. While the trails may be difficult to navigate with a wheelchair, we can take students to the endpoint of many activities with a campus vehicle. Many outdoor activities can be easily adapted. Please let us know of specific limitations and needs.

What Is the Dining Hall Like?

Lorado Taft Campus is well known for good food. Students sit at tables with an adult and are served meals family-style. Tables are set, food is served and dishes are cleared by a student assigned to be the table hopper. Students rotate the hopping duty. Typical lunch and dinner meals include a meat, bread, vegetable and/or fruit and dessert. Breakfasts typically include cereal, yogurt, bananas and either pancakes, French toast or eggs. Students are allowed to have seconds (and thirds if they are still hungry). Nuts and peanuts are not served in the dining hall.  The Taft kitchen staff work diligently to accommodate our guests with food allergies and other dietary needs.

Who Supervises My Child at Night?

The school provides teachers and chaperones who monitor and sleep in the dorms with students. A Taft staff member is also on duty in the evenings to provide support if needed. Taft staff are available to assist with questions and contact the maintenance staff if needed.

Can I Call and Talk to My Child? Can My Child Call Me?

Groups and classes are outdoors. Students are never near a telephone during their stay and will not be able to call home. In case of emergency only, a message can be left at the main office and delivered to a teacher. If there is a concern for you to be aware of, a teacher will call you.

What Happens If My Child Is Injured? Do You Have Health Personnel on Site?

A nurse is on campus from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to provide basic first aid and dispense medication during breakfast and lunch. The nurse packages evening medications for school personnel to dispense in the afternoon and evening. All Taft teaching staff are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. If an injury is more serious, the student is transported to the hospital or local clinic. Taft Campus carries a limited camper insurance policy on every person who attends programs on campus. Every student attending the program is required to have a signed health form on file at Taft in order to attend.

What Equipment Should I Send with My Child? Do I Need to Buy New Clothes for the Trip?

The school should provide a basic equipment list. Please make sure to send OLD clothes and OLD sturdy shoes (tennis shoes, hiking boots - NO SANDALS). All students are required to wear long pants in classes - NO SHORTS or CAPRIS. Students need to dress for the weather. A raincoat is a great idea. Classes go outside in all elements (unless there is thunder and lightning). Students need to bring a sleeping bag or bedroll; pillows and mattress pads are provided.