COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers to questions related to our covid-19 protocols are up-to-date as of 1/30/2023. If guidance and/or protocols change, this information will be updated.

What are you doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

Our procedures and protocols are similar to what the schools are doing. For example, we have increased sanitizing of high touch surfaces and closed drinking fountains and/or replaced them with water bottle filling stations. We have installed hand sanitizer stations around campus and will encourage participants to wash their hands frequently or make use of the hand sanitizer available. Continue reading for more information.

Are your staff vaccinated?

At this time, Northern Illinois University is not requiring employees to be vaccinated.

What is your masking policy?

As of 2/28/2022, NIU will no longer require face coverings for employees, students, or guests on any NIU campuses. However, if the school or group using our campus will require face coverings for their participants, we will ask our staff to do the same.

Do you require participants to be tested prior to coming to Taft?

It is not required that you test participants prior to coming to Taft.

Will the kids sleep close together?

At this time, we have resumed normal operations related to dorm assignments.

How will meals be handled?

Unless requested by the school or group using our facilities, meals will run as they always have. If requested and if possible given the group size, arrangements may be made to seat fewer than 8 participants at a table to allow for more spacing. If this is something you would like to do, please discuss this with your Taft coordinator early in the planning process as it may involve schedule changes.

What happens if someone becomes ill while at Taft?

If a participant becomes ill with symptoms that could indicate a covid-19 infection, they will be required to leave. If the participant is a minor, their parent/guardian will be called to come to Taft to pick them up, and they will need to isolate while waiting. We have identified a room for this purpose. An adult from the school or group will need to chaperone the waiting student, outside of the room, unless the adult is vaccinated.

Contact Information

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