Educational Opportunities

Smiling woman at Lorado Taft

While conference groups usually have set agendas to accomplish while at Taft Campus, a variety of opportunities exist for participants to explore the surroundings or facilitate interaction.

These program activities are available at a per hour cost when staff is available.

Teams Course

A series of ground-level outdoor elements or obstacles designed to develop group teamwork, community building, and problem-solving skills. Groups of 10-15 individuals are led through a series of obstacles, each has a set task with a goal that can only be accomplished by all members working together. This program is designed to not only encourage teamwork but also to provide a safe, enjoyable group experience.

Large Group Games

These activities emphasize cooperation among all participants. Such activities are also known as "New Games." Large group games are fun, challenging and can help break down barriers within the group.

Night Hikes

Participants experience the outdoor environment at night. Activities may focus on increasing awareness, creating or enhancing understanding of nocturnal activities or environment, or increasing group cooperation and interaction.


Learn about the life of early settlers. Candle making, carding wool, and outdoor cooking are several activities available.


Participants use a map and compass to find specific points around campus. An overview of map reading and compass use is included in this activity.

Native American

A variety of activities including Native American games and fire making are available to give participants a greater understanding of the lives of Native Americans.


Opportunities are available to make your own crafts. This provides an excellent opportunity for participants to take part of their Taft experience home.

Nature/Bird Walks

Guided daytime explorations of campus that can be tailored to fit the group's purpose for the activity.