Teams Course

Community members hike a trail at Lorado Taft

Encouraging Teamwork

The teams course is a series of ground-level outdoor elements or obstacles designed to develop group teamwork, community building, and problem-solving skills. Groups of 10-15 individuals are led through a series of obstacles, each having a set task with a goal that can only be accomplished by all members of the group working together. This program is designed to not only encourage teamwork but also to provide a safe, enjoyable group experience for all the participants involved.

The Right Program for Your Group

The program is used by a wide variety of groups including elementary and middle school outdoor education classes, high school youth groups, university groups, business groups, departmental retreats, and other adult organizations.

Times vary depending on the needs of the group and can range from a few hours to all day. Most groups schedule a minimum of 2 to 3 hours on the course.

Groups of 10-15 are assigned to each team course facilitator. Up to 75 people can be accommodated at one time, but smaller groups are preferred.

Trained Instructors

The instructors are Taft staff members, college students and teachers trained in first aid, CPR and team course facilitation.