About Lorado Taft Field Campus

Group of high school students at Lorado Taft

Located near Oregon, Illinois, the Lorado Taft Field Campus has a rich history. The 141-acre campus was once part of the Wallace Heckman estate, a peaceful property overlooking the Rock River.

In 1898, a group of artists and scholars established the Eagle's Nest Art Colony on the Heckman estate. The group was led by noted sculptor Lorado Taft. The secluded estate provided a creative environment for the group members to focus on their work. The colony remained active until the death of its last member in 1942.

In 1951, NIU acquired a portion of the Heckman estate. Named after Lorado Taft, the campus consists of wooded areas, open fields and ravines. It also includes 3 of the original art colony buildings. We have modernized the buildings and added other facilities.

Over the years, we have welcomed thousands of people to our campus. They have experienced the same peaceful setting enjoyed by the original art colony members. We invite you to join in our tradition of learning and reflection.