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Energy Savings at NIU


We have completed eleven phases of guaranteed performance contracts with Energy Systems Group since the year 2000. Based on 1995 energy and water consumption and the ESG analysis, the university saved:

  • 42.3% of electricity
  • 23.0% of natural gas
  • 34.84% metric ton of CO2 emissions
  • 37,972 kgal of water

We have been able to achieve these reductions by making upgrades through performance contracts with our partner Energy Systems Group. These performance contracts were enabled with the aid of grants from the Department of Energy and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Equal Opportunity.

Energy Systems provides a full description of energy and efficiency improvements.

Performance Contract Project Phases

  • Phase I - Lighting retrofit and installation of occupancy (motion) sensors (18 buildings)
  • Phase II - Convocation Center HVAC equipment
  • Phase III - Lighting redesign and retrofit program (40 buildings and over 40,000 lighting fixtures)
  • Phase IV – West Chiller Plant
  • Phase V – Two-way control valve installation (four residence halls)
  • Phase VI – Window / door replacement and mechanical & control system retrofits (five residence halls)
  • Phase VII – Window replacement and swimming pool, main Heating Plant boiler and miscellaneous HVAC upgrades (11 buildings)
  • Phase VIII – Lighting, HVAC, windows/doors, Heating Plant, control system upgrades and piping insulation (campuswide)
  • Phase IX – Window replacement, lighting, air & dirt elimination system, structural repairs, brine system piping, building automation systems and plumbing fixtures (campuswide)
  • Phase X - Steam traps, chilled water systems & coils, deaerator, HVAC improvements, windows and doors, roofing, and lighting