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College of Health & Human Sciences

Public Health Degree in Environment and Health

If you'd like to make a difference by preventing and controlling diseases caused by environmental factors, consider an undergraduate degree in public health in environment and health. You'll take classes in public health and in the environment health focus area such as biology, chemistry, geography, and technology. You may choose to minor in biology, chemistry, or environmental management systems.

Nutrition and Community Food Systems

Through the Family Nutrition and Consumer Sciences department, we offer a course in nutrition and community food systems (FCNS 404) In this class you will study current trends in the food industry, agriculture and community environment in relation to food sustainability, social and nutritional health and wellness.

Global Environmental Health Laboratory (GEH Lab)

In the GEH Lab, we evaluate potential factors (e.g. biological, chemical, physical, and socioeconomic) that directly or indirectly cause adverse health effects (e.g. infectious diseases, poisonings, and other illnesses/injuries) in order to protect public health internationally.