NIU Sustainability Plan

The Green Team is currently drafting a campus sustainability plan for NIU. The process to write the plan is meant to be collaborative and involve many stakeholders.

  1. Identify where NIU stands (in progress)
    • Compile as much information as is known about environmental practices and events at NIU
    • Complete first STARS report for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)
  2. Make these practices and events known to NIU constituent groups (in progress)
  3. Generate interest and buy-in (in progress)
  4. Generate ideas (in prigress)
    • Create the plan - build on gap analysis created as part of AASHE STARS assessment
    • Continue to ensure stakeholder interest and buy-in 
  5. Plan for implementation (continuous)
    • Should be a factor throughout the entire planning process 
    • Keep asking: how will we accomplish this goal, who will be in charge, is this a one-time accomplishment, does it need continuous monitoring, does it need additional resources, etc.