Green Team

The Green Team is helping NIU evolve into a more sustainable campus. A diverse team of faculty, staff and students work together and contribute to many on-campus improvements including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Recycling expansion
  • Sustainable transportation

These initiatives not only help to reduce NIU's carbon footprint, but also save the university money and reduce resource consumption and waste. Do you have an idea? Submit a proposal to the green team!


All meetings for the spring 2019 have been canceled.

All students, faculty and staff are invited to join and help shape the future of NIU. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October and December in the Neptune Central Smart Classroom from 2-3 p.m.

Early evening meetings have been added the first Wednesday of March, May, September, and November in room 406 of the Holmes Student Center from 5-6p.m. These meetings are more specifically geared towards student involvement.

Benefits of Membership

  • Become influential in affecting changes in campus policy
  • Create new sustainability initiatives and practices
  • Make connections on campus with others involved in your area of interest/expertise
  • Complement coursework with real-world experience
  • Set an example for the NIU community, as well as campuses around the world, regarding sustainability

Send an email to the NIU Green Team chair at with your membership interest.

NIU Green Team Charter

Northern Illinois University (NIU) strives toward environmentally sustainable policies and practices that promote responsible stewardship of existing resources and the environment. Sustainability is a collaborative effort requiring participation from all departments on campus to employ environmentally sound business and operating practices that foster a culture of sustainability among all members of the university community. This charter defines the mission, duties and responsibilities, functionality and membership of the NIU Green Team at NIU.

The NIU Green Team shall advise the vice president of Administration and Finance, or designee, on cost-effective environmental sustainability measures that promote environmental sustainability and stewardship in a manner that is consistent with the mission of NIU.

  • Serves as a resource on all matters pertaining to environmental sustainability at NIU;
  • Supports the development of an environmental sustainability master plan that outlines specific goals and objectives to reduce the environmental footprint of NIU;
  • Collaborates with other internal/external groups and organizations to enhance environmental stewardship and sustainability literacy among the University community and beyond;
  • Makes recommendations for improving the local and global impact of NIU as represented by the physical campus as well as its faculty, staff, students and alumni;
  • Serves as a resource to draft and/or peer review environmental sustainability documents (i.e. programs, policies, regulatory documents, etc.) that pertain to sustainability initiatives on campus;
  • Facilitates and promotes opportunities for student involvement and participation in various campus sustainability initiatives;

The chair shall call meetings on a regular basis but not less than four (4) times per year. The Chair may also call additional meetings as deemed necessary. The chair or designee shall record meeting minutes and provide meeting agendas which shall be approved by majority vote upon the commencement of each meeting. All committee recommendations to the vice president of Administration and Finance shall be made by a majority vote of those members present where a quorum has been established. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members of the committee.

The committee also reserves the right to submit an annual report to the vice president of Administration and Finance at the end of each fiscal year.

Membership shall assure broad and balanced representation of the university community in order to integrate more fully into the ongoing management systems, academic structure, long range planning, and daily operations of NIU.  The Green Team shall be comprised of faculty, staff, students and representatives from local government bodies.

The Chair shall be elected by the committee members and is required to serve a three-year term. Committee members are also required to serve three year terms. The term schedule shall be consistent with the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30 of the following year.) When a vacancy occurs other than by expiration of the term, an appointment shall be made by the Chair, with the advice and consent of the Committee, for the remainder of the term.

Committee members in good standing have the option to renew their membership with a majority vote from the Committee. The Committee shall reserve the right to remove a member upon simple majority vote (50 percent plus one) if that member has missed three consecutive meetings.

  • Vice president for Administration and Finance or designee
  • Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
  • Director of Environmental Health and Safety or designee
  • Director of Architecture and Engineering or designee
  • Director of the Physical Plant or designee
  • Building Services supervisor or designee
  • Housing and Residential Services representative or designee
  • Campus Dining Services representative or designee
  • Faculty member or designee
  • Supportive Professional Staff representative or designee
  • Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability and Energy/Environmental Studies or designee
  • Operating Staff Council representative or designee
  • Student Association director of Environmental Affairs or designee
  • City of DeKalb Environmental Commission chair or designee
  • DeKalb County Health Department representative or designee
  • Campus Security and Environmental Quality representative or designee