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Our peer advisors are here for you! They look forward to telling you about their study abroad experience, as well as sharing budgeting tips and discussing your study abroad planning. Peer advisors are available in the Study Abroad Office on a walk-in basis or by email.

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Alyse Mommer

Year in school: Senior

Major: Marketing

Minor: Japanese and Chinese


Working hours: Tuesday/Thursday, 9-10:30 a.m. and Friday, 9-11 a.m.

Study abroad program: USAC: Nishinomiya-Japan Spring 2019, Faculty-led: Summer 2018 China

Other countries you visited: South Korea, Ireland, South America, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean Islands

I had wanted to study abroad in Japan ever since I was little. My main goal was to learn more about the culture as well as to work intensively on my language skills. Going to college in my hometown gave me the urge to go out and see as much of the world as I can.

The knowledge and experience you gain abroad are invaluable, more than words can describe. Going abroad will give you a new perspective that you won’t get in the US, you will learn about yourself and meeting new people that will change your life for the better. It's truly an amazing opportunity that will only benefit you.

Take the leap! Everyone is nervous in the beginning, but you will be so happy that you did. Don’t be afraid to talk to the other students going on the trip and get familiar with them, you guys will spend so much time together and share an amazing experience that will bond you.

My time in Hiroshima was amazing. My Japanese friend who I met while HE was abroad at NIU, took me back to his hometown (Hiroshima). He showed me the most amazing things, from the most tourist sites to getting to see the cool secret places only the locals know about.

Dee Thelwell

Year in school: Junior

Major: Nursing


Working hours: Thursday, 9 a.m. -noon and Friday 1-3 p.m.

Study abroad program: ISA, San Jose, Costa Rica Spring 2019

Other countries you visited/specific places visited: Jamaica

I decided to study abroad because I wanted to improve on my Spanish conversation skills and comprehension, the best way to do that is by immersing yourself into the culture.

Studying abroad is a great way to travel outside of the country, network, learn inside and outside of the classroom, and have a lot of fun.

It's not going to be easy, especially if you're away for months at a time, but when you return you will look back and appreciate the experience even more.

A group of friends that I made and I all decided to go on our own trip to Puerto Viejo, which is the Caribbean side of Costa Rica right off the coast. It was amazing to see how my very own culture was so similar to the people in that town

Evan Blankenberger

Year in school: Senior

Major: Political Science


Working hours: Tuesday/Thursday, 3:30-4:30 p.m. and Wednesday, 1-4 p.m.

Study abroad program: AIFS Stellenbosch, South Africa Spring 2019

Other countries you visited/specific places visited: Japan, Iceland, Germany, Botswana, Zimbabwe

I’ve always been interested in life in other countries and I decided that college would be the best time to experience living somewhere else. My mom grew up abroad and I wanted to live where she lived to fully appreciate that part of her life and how it has affected me.

I think travel is important to understanding how the world works and why people do the things they do. Studying abroad encourages an understanding of another culture, helping people put their own lives in perspective to the rest of the world. The different perspectives of people and experiences a student would never have had will be invaluable later in life.

Making sure students find the right program for themselves is most important. Students should consider all the factors of a program that they might not have thought of considering; the residence provided, local culture and habits, how easy travel will be, and others. If students are not sure they have found the right program, they should keep looking until they find something perfect for them.

I did a two week road trip with a friend from Germany that I met during my study abroad from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and back through Botswana. It covered much of Northern South Africa, Western Zimbabwe and the entire country of Botswana. We did river cruises, hikes, safaris, desert camping, city tours, ending in a visit to the town my mom grew up in as an American abroad. It was a very cheap trip and I highly recommend traveling after a program ends, for most people in my program their own travel was the highlight of their study abroad experience.

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