Leadership Academy

Academy Mission

Student Involvement and Leadership Development’s (SILD) Leadership Academy provides leadership skill development opportunities focused on learning and self-reflection through a series of workshops, activities and interactions that will empower you to become leaders at NIU and beyond.

Program Goals

The Leadership Academy is committed to enhancing self-awareness, preparing you to have a positive impact at NIU and the greater community, developing your leadership skills to enhance their future personal and career success and fostering connections between you and the university.


The Leadership Academy is a three-tiered, self-paced leadership program. In the Leadership Academy, you have the opportunity to join organizations, attend workshops, write reflections, present their understandings to others and much more. The Leadership Academy is open to all NIU undergraduate students.

You can begin the Leadership Academy at any time by completing a Leadership Academy application using your Z-ID and password on Huskie Link.

Activities for the Leadership Academy are based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (Komives and Wagner, 2009), which provides you opportunities to enhance learning and facilitate positive social change. By participating in the Leadership Academy, you will be able to understand and apply the seven C’s of leadership:

  • consciousness of self
  • congruence
  • commitment
  • collaboration
  • common purpose
  • controversy with civility
  • citizenship

To learn more about the monthly Leadership Academy workshop offerings, visit our Leadership Events webpage.

Tier 1: Personal Leadership

Tier I is an introductory leadership tier that allows you to learn more about personal leadership style. Through assessments, attending workshops, participating in campus and community life and working with the assistant director for Leadership and Student Organizational Services, you will begin to see how your leadership style has developed and how to most effective utilized in your professional and personal life.

Additional materials needed for Tier I:

Tier II: Campus and Community Leadership

Tier II provides you with the opportunity to develop individualized leadership styles in the NIU and DeKalb community. Through increasing participation on campus, attending workshops, creating a resume and working with the assistant director for Leadership and Student Organizational Services, you will begin to incorporate personal leadership styles/skills to make a difference to the campus and community. At the conclusion of Tier II, you will earn a leadership certificate.

Additional materials needed for Tier II:

Tier III: Leadership Culmination

Tier III allows you as a leader to formally summarize and reflect on leadership skills you have gained throughout the Leadership Academy. At the end of Tier III, you will receive the honor of Leadership Academy Distinguished Leader, receive recognition during SILD’s Kevin D. Knight Leadership Awards Ceremony and will receive a graduation cord to wear during your graduation ceremony (tentative).

Additional materials needed for Tier III:

Tier III: Handbook

Online Portfolio Instructions

Reflection Rubric

For more information on the Leadership Academy, please contact Cassia Perry at cperry2@niu.edu or 815-753-6595.

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