Opportunities for NIU Students


NIU student volunteers are the heart of NIU Cares Day. On the day of the event, volunteers check-in, receive a light snack and t-shirt, then leave to sites around DeKalb county to complete various projects for not-for-profit organizations and community agencies.

Transportation is not provided for this event. It is up to the team leader to determine how students will get to their sites. All sites are geographically close to NIU. If your team does not have any available transportation to a site, please set-up a meeting with our staff to discuss the issue. Contact us at niucaresday@niu.edu.

Check-In and Kick Off

Volunteer check-in takes place the morning of NIU Cares Day. Remember, 75 percent of your team must be checked in by this time, or your team will be banned for the following year. Additionally, if your team is not in line for check-in by 8 a.m., your team will be banned for the next year.

After checking in, volunteers should pick up their shirts then find their team members and team leader who will have the assigned project site information.

Kickoff takes place in the Chick Evans Field House and consists of a short program featuring speakers from the university and community. Volunteers are then dismissed to head to their work sites. Volunteers will work at their site until all work is completed or they will not be allowed to participate the following year.

NIU Cares Day Registration

Any team wishing to participate in NIU Cares Day must send their team leader to an Orientation Session, which will occur in February 2019. Please be sure to check whether or not your team has been banned for the 2019 NIU Cares Day event. 

The registrations for the 2019 NIU Cares Day event are now open.

  • Individual Student Registration (Please only complete this registration if you are planning to volunteer individually. This registration will not allow you to join a team).
  • Team Member Registration (Please only complete this registration if you are volunteering with a team. Be sure the select the correct team name when completing this form).

Helpful tips

  • You will get dirty. Please plan your clothes and shoes accordingly. Bring a pair of work gloves if you're really worried about getting your hands dirty!
  • Dress for the weather! NIU Cares Day will happen regardless of rain, sunshine or snow!
  • Do not bring anything that you won't want to lug around all day. This includes purses, backpacks, etc.
  • Take pictures! NIU Cares Day can be a great opportunity to capture some great NIU memories.

Team Leader Orientation Sessions

  • You can sign up as a team leader for only one team; you cannot be a team leader for multiple teams.
  • Team member information is not required at the orientation session.
  • Team leaders need to attend only one orientation session.