Applying for a Student Emergency Fund Grant

The Student Emergency fund is currently closed. The emergency fund will reopen when additional funding becomes available.

A list of immediate resources will be provided as part of the online application process. Our goal is to provide funding decisions within five to seven business days of the request. Due to the large amount of applications we’ve received, we ask for your patience. Any awarded grants will be sent via check or directly deposited into student accounts.

All degree-seeking students, including undergraduate, graduate, law, undocumented and full- and part-time students, are eligible for the grants.

The fund can be used to meet a short-term financial need but is not designed to replace or supplement financial aid. Funds are awarded as a grant and do not need to be repaid. Funds, though, can count as income and might be subject to federal and/or state taxes.

If you currently receive financial aid, we’ll consult with the Financial Aid Office because this grant could affect your already awarded financial aid.


Contact the Center for Student Assistance at or 815-753-8300.

Interested in donating?

Please visit the NIU Foundation’s Student Emergency Fund Donation Page.