Engineering Amusement

Get ready to break fun down to a science! Campers will learn the ups and downs of how their favorite amusement park attractions really work as we explore the answers to questions like "Why don't you fall out when the ride goes upside down?" and "How do they make Dippin' Dots?" Campers will design their own thrill rides, learn how engineers optimize traffic flow, and even get to concoct their own carnival confections. One entire day will also be spent doing experiments at Six Flags—Great America. Campers get to experience dorm life and exciting evening science activities throughout the week, such as a visit to the Davis Hall Observatory. All meals are taken together in either the dorm cafeteria or the Holmes Student Center.

Science and engineering educators from the region instruct the sessions, and science and education students provide counseling support. NIU’s STEM camp leadership collaborates with NIU faculty in adolescent development to provide an environment that nourishes the development of every camper, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or learning differences. Campers are divided into smaller groups by age and gender for many of the learning modules in Engineering Amusement to encourage participation by all.

Campers Entering Grades 5-6

July 15-20, 2018