Actuarial Sciences

Employment & Internship

Have you thought about your future after your bachelor's degree?
Do you like business?  Math? Statistics?
Do you like high salaries and job security?
Have you thought about a career as an actuary?

Students pursuing BS (MATH) - actuarial science are in a pre-professional degree program. The academic challenges of this program are well matched by consistent opportunities that the students of this program enjoy.  Most students of the program become a summer intern of an insurance company after they pass at least one of the actuarial examinations of the Society of Actuaries/Casualty Actuarial Society (SOA/CAS).  Though not necessary for securing employment after graduation, completion of a summer internship while still in school is desirable. Some of the key factors necessary for students of the program to obtain an internship and /or an actuarial job are: 

  • Good GPA (3.0-3.4 - considered; 3.5-4.0 - preferred)
  • Passing at least one or two examinations of the SOA/CAS
  • Demonstration of communication and leadership skills

You are encouraged to join the  NIU Actuarial Club to meet other students who share your interests and aspirations. If you consistently participate in the events, and /or serve as an officer of this club, then you would have many opportunities to convince potential recruiters of insurance companies that you indeed have the skills to communicate well and /or to lead people effectively.

Web sites like have plenty of information about the profession, and related links about the advantages, and long-term prospects, of the actuarial profession. If you search the Internet using key phrases like actuarial jobs, then you will hit many facts and figures that may convince you that a strong foundational program like BS (MATH) - Actuarial Science is well worth your time and the financial investment you would make in obtaining the degree. NIU’s actuarial program is indeed the right one for you! Over 95% of all the students graduating from NIU’s actuarial program have become employees of the insurance industry within three months after graduation. Our students work at many companies including Allstate, Geico, Mercer and Essence Health Care.

Please visit the following website for additional salary information more relevant to the consulting side of the actuarial profession:

Please visit the following website for additional salary information more relevant to the insurance side of the actuarial profession: