Resources and Assistance

Campus Resources

  • Office of the Ombudsman
    601 Holmes Student Center, 753-1414,
    The university ombudsman serves in a confidential and neutral role and is available to assist supportive professional staff members in identifying institutional policies, procedures, practices, and options for resolving concerns related to the university.
  • Faculty and SPS Personnel Advisor
    Jeanne Meyer, J.D.,  753-9286, 
    Provides confidential advice and assistance to faculty and supportive professional staff about personnel policies and procedures within the university; also provides and assists those who are experiencing difficulties with the personnel process and/or who are dissatisfied with personnel decisions.
  • Human Resource Services
    1515 W. Lincoln Highway, 753-6000
    Departments include Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources; Contracts and Records; Insurance and Benefits; Operating Staff Services; Payroll and Compensation; Employee Wellness; Employee Relations and Training; Student Employment.
  • Employee Assistance Program
    709 Holmes Student Center, 753-9191
    Provides confidential professional consultation and assessment for employees with a wide range of personal and family concerns; when appropriate, the program links employees and family members with services within the university as well as in the broader community.
  • Employee Relations
    Human Resources Building, 1515 W. Lincoln Highway, Room 107, 753-6039
    Provides employee training and development, employee wellness and assistance, conflict resolution, customized department and office intervention/training programs, and job satisfaction assessment activities.
  • Affirmative Action & Diversity Resources
    1515 W. Lincoln Highway, 753-8510
    Provides assistance to members of the university community who believe they have been treated differently, discriminated against, or harassed because of their race, color, sex, age, disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, political affiliation, marital status, or other factor unrelated to professional or academic performance.
  • Women's Resource Center
    105 Normal Road, 753-0320
    Supports the recruitment and retention of women and provides a gathering place for meetings, support groups, and access to resource materials.
  • Supportive Professional Staff Grievance Procedure
    At any step in the process the grievant and/or the administrator may consult with or otherwise enlist the aid of individuals such as, but not limited to, the ombudsman or faculty personnel advisor in filing the grievance and/or in seeking a resolution of the grievance.
  • Division of IT Tech Skills Hub
    Learning resources for NIU staff with administrative duties. 

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