SPS Council Representatives & Alternates

Curent SPS representatives and their alternates for each of the 7 representational divisions are listed below:

Division 1:  Academic Affairs—Executive Vice President & Provost, Human Resources, and International Affairs

Rep: Gail Jacky Rep: Beverly McCall
Alt: Tawanda Gipson  Alt:
Rep: Kathy Smith Rep: Karen Baker
Alt: Dana Gautcher Alt: Dana Gautcher
Rep: Randi Napientek Rep: Randi Napientek
Alt:Stephanie Richter Alt:Stephanie Richter

Division 2:  Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Rep: Sandi Carlisle Rep: Sandi Carlisle
Alt: Erica Wade Alt: Jeffrey Salmon
Rep:  Tim Trottier Rep: Debra Miller
Alt: Vacant Alt: Erica Wade
Rep: Jeanne Meyer Rep: Jeanne Meyer
Alt: Vacant  Alt: Amy Franklin 

Division 3:  Academic Affairs – College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Rep: Erin Reid Rep: Erin Reid
Alt: Sandy Lopez Alt: Sandy Lopez
Rep: Linda Watson Rep: Linda Watson
Alt: Ryan Pumroy Alt: Ryan Pumroy
Rep: Mark Pietrowski Rep: Mark Pietrowski
Alt: Jack King Alt: Jack King

Division 4:  Academic Affairs – Other Colleges, Graduate School, Libraries, and Research & Innovation Partnerships

Rep: Karinne Bredberg Rep:Margaret Myles
Alt: Pete Olson Alt:  Greg Anderson
Rep: Steve Builta Rep:  Steve Builta
Alt: Edith Cowan Alt: 
Rep: Shannon Stoker Rep: Kelsey Johnson
Alt: Linda Manning Alt: Ximena Burgin
Rep: Margaret Myles Rep: Karinne Bredberg
Alt: Vacant Alt: Amber Davis
Rep: Russ Devereaux Rep: 
Alt: David Dosier AltDavid Dosier

Division 5:  Divisions of Outreach, Engagement, & Regional Development and University Advancement

Rep: Patricia Anderson Rep:Michael Adzovic
Alt: Judy Schneider Alt: Judy Schneider
Rep: Brian Walk Rep: Tracy Rogers-Tryba
Alt: April Arnold Alt: April Arnold
Rep: Nick Piazza Rep: Peter Olson
Alt: Vacant Alt: Vacant
Rep: Deborah Pixton Rep:  Vacant
Alt: Mandy Wescott Alt: Mandy Wescott
Rep: Judith Dymond Rep: Judith Dymond 
Alt: Tracy Rogers Alt: Brian Walk

Division 6:  Divisions of Administration & Finance, Information Technology, General Counsel, Marketing & Communications, and President’s Office

Rep: Emily Hochstatter Rep:Emily Hochstatter
Alt: Nyoka Polyak Alt: Antoinette Bridges 
Rep: Rachel Xidis Rep: Rachel Xidis
Alt: Tom Parisi Alt: Tom Parisi
Rep: Janet Love-Moore Rep: Janet Love-Moore
Alt: Tom Viel Alt: Tom Viel

Division 7:  Intercollegiate Athletics

Rep: Christina Sutcliffe Rep: Christina Sutcliffe
Alt:  Kiera Miller Alt:  Evan Klepec 
Rep: Debra Boughton Rep: Debra Boughton
Alt: Scott Foelske Alt: Scott Foelske