SPSC Membership

Membership Terms & Representation

Membership on the Council is for a two-year term, with about half of the representatives being newly elected each year. The SPS Council election is held each spring, with voting eligibility accorded to SPS personnel holding half-time or greater appointments who cast ballots for candidates representing their university affiliation. Numerical representation on the council is proportional to the number of SPS personnel within each of 
Seven Representational Divisions.

For each elected representative, there is an alternate who is the runner-up in the election. Alternates are encouraged to attend Council meetings, but may vote only when their representative is absent.

The SPS Council officers are elected by the Council representatives.

2018-2019 Representatives and Alternates


Pictured Above Left to Right

Row 1:
Daniel Koenen, Debra Miller, Judith Dymond, Lauren Teso-Warner, Rachel Xidis, Tawanda Gipson

Row 2:
Peter Olson, Catherine Doederlein (President), Jack King, Mark Pietrowski, Linda Watson (Secretary)

Row 3:
David Dosier, Jeanna Ballard, Jeffrey Salmon, Tom Kazmierczak, Karinne Bredberg, Steve Builta

Not Pictured:
Randi Napientek (Vice President), Brian Walk (Treasurer), Beverly McCall, Christopher Mitchell, Stephanie Richter, Jeanne Meyer, Amy Franklin, Sandy Lopez, Erin Reid, Margaret Myles, Greg Anderson, Kelsey Johnson, Ximena Burgin, Amber Davis, Michael Adzovic, Tracy Rogers-Tryba, April Arnold, Felicia Bohannon, Liz McKee, Emily Hochstatter, Antoinette Bridges, Christina Sutcliffe, Evan Klepec, Debra Boughton, Scott Foelske