SPSC Ad Hoc Committees

In addition to the work of its standing committees, SPS Council conducts some of its business and projects through a variety of ad-hoc committees. Most ad-hoc committees have worked on a specific project, research project, event planning, or a specific issue. Some of the usual ad-hoc committees of the SPSC include:

  • SPS Survey Committee (plans, disseminates and evaluates results from periodic SPS climate surveys)
  • SPS After-Hours and SPS Between-Hours (social networking events)
  • SPS Grievance Committee (developed SPS grievance procedure and worked with university Grievance Committee)
  • SPS new representative annual orientation
  • SPS “Network”: An informational event for new and recently hired SPS employees
  • SPS planning committees for campus events, including the annual Wellness Fair and annual Benefits Choice Fair
  • Other issue-specific ad-hoc committees have included topics such as researching liability for faculty advisors to campus student organizations, or planning for move-in and move-out processes for Residence Halls