Awards & Recognition

Presidential SPS Award for Excellence Award Recipients


Denise Burchard, Public Administration
Gillian King-CargileNIU Outreach P-20
Abbey WolfmanOrientation & Family Connections
Carrie ZackEducator Licensure & Prep


Karen Baker, Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance
Jo Burke, NIU Art Museum
Laura Lundelius, Campus Services
Mark Pietrowski, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming


Gregory P. Barker, Testing Services and Academic Affairs Research Support
Melissa Burlingame, Center for Governmental Studies (formerly in Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability and Energy)
William C. McCoy, BELIEF Program in the College of Business
Mark McGowan, NIU Institutional Communications


Patricia “Pat” Anderson, Director, Alumni Relations
Benjamin “Ben” Bingle, Specialist/Outreach Coordinator, CLAS Center for Non-Governmental Organization Leadership and Development (NGOLD)
Elizabeth “Betsy” Hull, Assistant to the Dean, College of Education – Dean’s Office
Jennifer Kirker Priest, Director, Anthropology Museum


Steve Estes, Director of Advising, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dana Gautcher, Director, Office of Student Academic Success
Kathryn Maley, History and Social Sciences Secondary Teacher Education Program, History Department
Jeanne Meyer, Director, Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct


Terry Borg, Director of External Programs, College of Education
Rebekah Kohli, Instructional Technology Assistant/Program Coordinator, Women’s Studies
Donna Schoenfeld, Director, Health Enhancement
Rachel Xidis, Assistant Director, Web Communications


Todd Latham, Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Michelle Pickett, Academic Advising Center
Deborah Pierce, International Programs
Jason F. Rhode, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center


Kate Braser, Honors Program
Abby Chemers, Division of Finances and Facilities
Dan Nichols, School of Music
Patricia Sievert, Center for P-20 Engagement


Bobbie Cesarek, Intercollegiate Athletics 
Jes Cisneros, Honors Program
Patrick Gorman, Media Services
Michael Stang, Housing and Dining


Nancy Apperson, Employee Assistance Program
Barbara A. Fouts, Career Services
Lina Davide Ong, International Training Office
Connie Uhlken, School of Nursing and Health Studies


Margaret M. “Margie” Cook , LGBT Resource Center
Daniel J. Ihm, Information Technology Services
Jennice O’Brien, Office of Public Affairs
Judy Santacaterina , College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Debra R. Hopkins, CPA Review
Julia S. Lamb, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Steven E. Lux, Health Enhancement
Blanche McHugh, Housing and Dining


Sandi Carlisle, Housing and Dining Services
Glen Gildemeister, Regional History Center, University Libraries
Brad Hoey, Media Services
Derrick Smith, Center for Black Studies


Joanne Dempsey, Illinois Council on Economic Education
J. Daniel House, Institutional Research
Lori Marcellus, College of Business
Judy Skorek, Women's Resource Center


Shevaun Eaton, ACCESS
Len Lennergard, Media Services
Judith Pokorny, Department of English
Phillip Young, Department of Geography


Robert Burk, Office of Admissions
Michelle Emmett, Academic and Student Affairs
Jack King, Department of Sociology
Donna Prain, Department of Biological Sciences


Richard Becker, Biological Sciences
Eric Behr, Mathematical Sciences
Margaret Bridge, University Office of Teacher Education
Don Larson, Records and Registration


Ellen E. Anderson, Career Planning & Placement Center
Patricia Hanzely, Office of Sponsored Projects
Jamie Rothstein, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Carol Scheidenhelm, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center


Lori Bross, Department of Psychology
Deborah Haliczer, Human Resource Services
Mary Obrzut, College Of Law
Daniel Olson, Department of Biological Sciences


Beverly (Beetham) Espe, University Health Service
John Lewis, Center for Governmental Studies
Denise Rode, Orientation and Campus Information
Susan Timm, University Resources for Latinos


Tsui-Yee Dorothy Chow, CHANCE
Kathleen Patchett Lutz, Admissions
Steven Pace, Budget & Planning
Robert Snow, College of Law


Tim Griffin, Office of the Ombudsman
Nicholas Noe, Office of the Provost
Lucy Robinson, Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences
Carol Zar, Center for Governmental Studies


Robert Albanese, Physical Plant
Judd Baker, Holmes Student Center
Deborah Brue, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
George Gutierrez, University Resources for Latinos


Leroy Mitchell, CHANCE
Ellen Franklin, Freshman English Program
Ron Marks, Admissions
Alan Farber, Counseling and Student Development Center


Zainal "Z" Ahmad, University Programming and Activities
Michael Haines, Health Enhancement Services
Mitchell Kielb, University Bookstore
Robert Vest, Environmental Health & Safety


Steven Duchrow, University Programming & Activities
Sharon Howard, University Resources for Women
Norden Gilbert, General Counsel
Grant Olson, Center for Southeast Asian Studies


Joan Greening, Career Planning & Placement
Sandra Kuchynka, College of Professional Studies
Linda Schwarz, Sponsored Projects
Robert Woggon, Public Information