Awards & Recognition

SPS Certificate of Recognition

2016 Recipients

  • Ximena Burgin – Associate Director, Office of Research, Evaluation, and Policy Studies
  • Andrea Drott – Health Educator, Wellness Promotion
  • Angie Flannery – Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Amy Franklin – Assistant to the VP, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Lesley Gilbert – Assistant Director, Center for Training and Professional Development, Human Resource Services
  • Ray Gooden – Women’s Head Volleyball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Nancy Harrison – President and Executive Director, Econ Illinois
  • Melissa Henriksen – Research Associate, Center for Governmental Studies
  • Joe King – Associate Director, Institutional Communications
  • Dara Little – Assistant Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs, Sponsored Programs
  • Renee Olsen - Teacher Certification Coordinator, Mathematical Sciences
  • Mark Pietrowski – Associate Director, CLAS External Programming
  • Stephanie Richter – Assistant Director, Faculty Development
  • Mary Rudnicki – Achievement and Retention Coordinator, Health Services
  • Gail Schumacher – Graduate Programs Advisor, Literacy and Elementary Education Department
  • Laurie Sodaro – Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Mike Stang – Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment management
  • Phil Voorhis – Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Patricia Wallace – Research Associate, Psychology