SPS Certificate of Recognition

2008 Recipients

  • Rosarin Adulseranee (e-Learning Services / Outreach)
  • Nancy Apperson (Employee Assistance Program / Human Resource Services)
  • Jennifer Clark (Intercollegiate Athletics)
  • Aline Click (e-Learning Services / Outreach)
  • Jan Gerenstein (Housing and Dining)
  • Lincoln Gibbs (Health Enhancement)
  • Patrick Gorman (Media Services)
  • Brandi Hephner LaBanc (Student Affairs)
  • Dan House (Institutional Research)
  • Richard Johnson (College of Engineering and Engineering Technology)
  • Jim Killam (Northern Star)
  • Kathryn Maley (Department of History)
  • Diane Mayfield (Bursar / One Card Office)
  • Eric Musselman (Housing and Dining)
  • Cynthia Nelson (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  • Cindy Phillips (Information Technology Services / NIUTEL)
  • Denise Rode (Orientation and First Year Experience)
  • Donna Schoenfeld (Health Enhancement)
  • Micky Sharma (Counseling and Student Development Center)
  • Mike Stang (Housing and Dining)
  • Jodi Sticken (Visual Disabilities Program / College of Education)
  • Mary Strohm (Health Enhancement)
  • Dan Turner (Academic Advisement Office)
  • Connie Uhlken (School of Nursing and Health Studies)
  • Ann Wright-Parsons (Anthropology Museum / Department of Anthropology)
  • Vishnu Zutshi (Department of Physics)

Group Certificate Recipients for 2008

Groups Nominated To Receive Group Certificates of Recognition for examples of Service and Teamwork

These Certificates will go to the departments. Letters will go from SPSC Awards Committee to individuals listed in the departments, except for Convocation Center, where the group is too large.

Convocation Center

  • John Gordon
  • And Staff

Media Services (video)

  • Jay Orbik
  • Jim Barker
  • Patrick Gorman
  • Brad Hoey
  • Jennifer Howard
  • Len Lennergard
  • Kevin Meyer
  • Nick McDonough
  • Ed Pierce

Public Affairs

  • Melanie Magara
  • Joe King
  • Mark McGowan
  • Jennice O’Brien
  • Tom Parisi
  • Rachel Turner
  • Katharine Whitelaw
  • (Pat Erickson*)

Registration and Records

  • Brent Gage
  • Adam Stone
  • Angie Byrd
  • Anne Hardy
  • Robin Hendricks
  • Wendy Raver
  • Suzanne Warber
  • (Sammie Doty*)
  • (Janet Irving)*

*Operating Staff members of the team,
(honorary SPSC certificates)

The Awards Committee will discuss the extraordinary response of SPS, as well as Operating Staff and Faculty, throughout campus in the aftermath of the events of February 14. The groups nominated are illustrative of the campus response and are examples of the actions of SPS throughout campus during the event and its aftermath.