About SPS Council

About SPS Council

Who are Supportive and Professional Staff at NIU?

Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) are professionals who provide expertise and support for offices and colleges at NIU and its regional locations. SPS bring educational credentials, technical experience, confident problem-solving, and university loyalty to their positions. SPS personnel are appointed by the Board of Trustees and designated "faculty no-rank" employees. A variety of job titles describe the more than 800 SPS on campus who fulfill diverse organizational roles.

What is the SPS Council?

The SPS Council was established to provide a means of communication among SPS on campus, and to be a vehicle for articulating the interests and concerns of SPS employees to other constituents of the university community. SPS Council representatives and their alternates are elected by their peers. Representatives are elected proportional to the number of SPS personnel within each of Seven Representational Divisions.