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Business Research & Development Assessments

Under the guidance of Springboard staff and NIU faculty, Springboard student analysts are providing companies with customized assessments that meet their needs and answer key questions. Recent Springboard assessments have explored the following topics in response to requests from regional businesses:

  • How can we expand in regional, national or international markets?
  • Which social media is best for our company to promote our products/services?
  • Who are our key competitors?
  • What are our customer’s unmet needs?
  • How can we enhance our company’s website to attract international customers?
  • How can we better communicate our message visually?

Student analysts meet directly with you, analyze your needs, conduct extensive research, develop the final product or report and present it to you. Each step of the way a staff person or graduate assistant works with the intern to insure quality work. Whenever possible, students will be working with appropriate faculty as well.

Company Assessments - $800-$1,400 (40-60 hours of research)*

  • New Product Development Assessment
  • Competitive Intelligence Report
  • Target Customers
  • Social Media
  • International Expansion
  • Cyber Vulnerabilities
  • Marketing/Branding

*Project assessment costs may vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and we will customize the project to meet your needs.

If you have questions regarding NIU's Springboard, please contact:

Luanne Mayorga

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