Gabriel Sonntag

Gabriel Sonntag

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Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: History

Are you attending NIU on any scholarships?
Yes, an NIU Merit Scholarship. I am also attending NIU through the College Illinois Prepaid Tuition Plan.

What is your major, and why did you choose your field of study?
I’m a history major with minors in LGBT Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Japanese Studies. These fields sounded the most interesting to me, and they all relate to one another!

How did you learn about NIU, and why did you choose to attend?
I learned about NIU by looking up Illinois state schools. I chose to attend because it had the most visible resources for LGBTQ students.

Are you involved in any activities at NIU? What else do you do for fun/hobbies in your spare time?
I’m involved with PRISM, National Residence Hall Honorary, and am an ambassador for the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

What has your experience inside the classroom been like at NIU?
I have been able to connect with many of my professors due to the small class sizes. Because I have made so many connections, I know that I can go to my professors and ask for help with topics both in and outside the classroom!

Would you recommend NIU to others and why? What’s a general piece of advice you’d give to someone starting college?
I would recommend NIU to others because there is a place for everybody here. My biggest piece of advice for someone starting college is to get involved. Go to a lot of different events and try out a few clubs, and eventually, you will find places that fit you best. You will get connected with like-minded people if you get involved.

What is up next for you after your time at NIU? Any career aspirations you would like to share?
I will be pursuing a master’s degree in Student Affairs.

Gabriel Sonntag is a May 2019 graduate.

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