Gariecia Rose

Gariecia Rose

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Hometown: Evanston, IL, born in Jamaica

Major: Secondary History Education

Are you attending NIU on any scholarships? Which one(s)?
I received a merit scholarship from NIU and am a recipient of the James P. Szcepaniak Scholarship.

What is your major, and why did you choose your field of study?
Secondary History Education. I chose this field because I wanted to be an educator for younger people, because they are our future.

How did you learn about NIU, and why did you choose to attend?
I learned about NIU from a former high school teacher. I chose to attend because I saw from online demographics how many different races and ethnicities were here, which means a lot to me seeing that I value diversity and representation.

Are you involved in any activities at NIU? What else do you do for fun/hobbies in your spare time?
I was on the executive board of New Hall Community Council first semester, and now Orientation and Family Connections. In my spare time, I write poetry, read and sing.

What do you like about our campus and community?
I like the fact that it's a big university with a small campus feel. Our community is very connected, and you can tell that NIU matters to the larger DeKalb community.

What has your experience inside the classroom been like at NIU?
My experience has been good inside the classroom because for the most part, I have had smaller classes where it was easy to access the professor and form a relationship with them.

What is something you have experienced at NIU that you will be able to take with you into future endeavors in your field?
I have experienced the power of having mentors and connections to faculty and staff, which I will take into my career as a teacher for students who need someone to look to for guidance.

Would you recommend NIU to others and why? What’s a general piece of advice you’d give to someone starting college?
I definitely recommend NIU to others because of its diversity, affordability and plentiful resources. A general piece of advice I'd give to someone starting college is that they should immediately form their own unique support system with the various resources available.

What is something people may be surprised to know about you?
That I was born in Jamaica, but moved to America when I was 12.

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