Kamila Krupiarz

Kamila Krupiarz

#PeopleofNIU Photo by Michelle LaVigne/Creative Services

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Major: Mechanical Engineering

The measure of a student’s impact takes on many forms. In the case of Lincoln Laureate finalist Kamila Krupiarz, it speaks volumes that 17 College of Engineering and Engineering Technology faculty members, administrators and staff put their names to her nominating letter.

“Our nomination is an attempt to highlight the capabilities of an exemplary student who represents the college so well and would demonstrate to the state of Illinois the high-caliber students who make NIU great,” the letter states after summarizing Krupiarz’s many contributions to the campus community.

From her time as president of the Society of Women Engineers and in a key role as an undergraduate lab manager for Omron Mechatronics Lab, to her work as a Northern Light Ambassador and leading groups on outdoor adventure trips, Krupiarz seemingly has been everywhere.

“I’ve been involved in a lot,” Krupiarz said with a light-hearted sense of understatement before adding she usually could be found at the CEET Building. “When I wake up until I go to sleep, it’s a lot of engineering. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Although her resume is stuffed with academic and research accomplishments, Krupiarz takes particular pride in her individual growth. She highlights the “big commitment” to being SWE president and heading up two out-of-state hiking trips as not only standout moments, but also keys to her development as a leader.

“There is so much opportunity here and there are people who really care about me,” she said, emphasizing that a strong support network of motivated professors, faculty and fellow students helped her “realize who I wanted to be.”

In particular, she credited Associate Professor Nicholas Pohlman for “being there from the start to the finish” of her days at NIU. With graduation looming, Krupiarz is looking forward to a summer breather – a trip featuring rock climbing and sailing with stops in Germany and Greece – before jumping into her mechanical engineering career.

Even though she describes the next step as a “big mystery right now,” Krupiarz says it with a sense of confidence that suggests she’ll meet the challenge head on just has she did during her time at NIU.

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