Tamir Hargana

Tamir Hargana

#PeopleofNIU Photo by Danielle Guerra/Creative Services

Hometown: Mongolia

Major: World Music

How did you choose NIU?
I was touring the U.S. from Inner Mongolia and met retired NIU Professor Dr. Kuo-Huang Han. He suggested I study at NIU through the World Music program, which is really strong. Dr. Han helped figure out a direction for my life and introduced me to professors here, told me to apply. I feel lucky to be here.

What do you like about the World Music Program at NIU?
There are so many ensembles and so many opportunities. The Middle Eastern ensemble is my favorite. It gives me the opportunity to play my instrument with many different musicians, from different parts of the world. I also have my own World Music fusion ensemble trio.

What do you like most about NIU?
NIU provides me with a lot of performance opportunities. I was sent to Taiwan for a conference and we went to Bali just this winter to perform and study abroad. There are so many opportunities to learn and play music.

What kinds of reactions did people here have of your throat singing?
People had a lot of questions. Can anyone learn? Does it hurt your throat? I said, 'No, if you do it the right way your throat won't hurt, you have to get used to it.' Last semester, I taught a throat singing class here at NIU. I had 13 students and we had a recital at the end of the semester.

Who's your most influential professor?
Dr. Jui-Ching Wang is my most influential professor. She organizes the ensembles and has helped me apply for scholarships. She's helped provide opportunities, showed me how to market myself and has helped improve myself a lot.


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