Sandra Gallant-Jones

Sandra Gallant-Jones

#PeopleofNIU Photo by Michelle LaVigne/Creative Services

Hometown: South Holland, IL

Major: Law

Why did you decide to come to NIU?  
I had heard great things about the faculty in feedback from other law graduates. That they gave individual attention and that it was affordable. You have to think about your student loans, you have to be a good consumer of education.  The thing that you get here is a tremendous value. It’s the only public law school in the Chicago area.  

What surprised you about your time at NIU? 
The one thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’m more resilient than I gave myself credit for. I have found a way to look at everything and say, “I can do this.” The professors here aren’t just up there lecturing. They are invested in our success, as well as mentoring, coaching, cheerleading and being a friend. When a law student needs motivation, it’s here. My kids and husband were so supportive. And now my 6-year-old even models my behavior. She goes into a corner and reads. She tells me “I’m in law school mom!” 

What would you tell someone considering the NIU law program? 
The NIU law is not just a building, not just a faculty, not just a student body but it’s all those things. It’s a community. If someone is looking for support emotionally and academically, they should strongly consider NIU law. 


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