Sadie Filipski

Sadie Filipski

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Hometown: St. Charles, IL

Major: Elementary Education

Transfer from:
Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio

Are you attending NIU on any scholarships? Which one(s)?
New Student Transfer Merit Scholarship.

What is your major, and why did you choose your field of study?
Elementary Education. I chose this because I believe it is my vocation to teach, motivate, inspire, nurture and care for the future individuals of our world. I want to instill within my future students the desire to pursue their passions, whatever those may be, and fight for what they believe in. 

How did you learn about NIU, and why did you choose to attend?
I learned about NIU through friends and family. I also heard they had a very qualified teacher preparation program.  

Are you involved in any activities at NIU? What else do you do for fun/hobbies in your spare time?
I have been involved in the Newman Catholic Student Center at NIU, as I was able to teach religious education for three years. In my spare time, I sing and play the keyboard. I also love volunteering at the NIU Communiversity Gardens. It's an amazing place to help out and become involved with the community.

What has been your favorite event at NIU, and why?
Attending the football and basketball games—always fun to show Huskie Pride!

What do you like about our campus and community?
There are so many opportunities for both personal and professional growth. I love how involved and invested my professors have been in helping me achieve my academic goals. I also love how the campus is easy to access and travel around.

What is something you have experienced at NIU that you will be able to take with you into future endeavors in your field?
I have experienced a great sense of community, being a part of a large student body. As a former transfer student, this university made me feel welcome immediately after I became a Huskie. This always reminds me that wherever life takes me, I should always be open to welcoming the new community that I may be a part of both personally and professionally. 

Would you recommend NIU to others and why? What’s a general piece of advice you’d give to someone starting college?
I give NIU a 10 out of 10. I would recommend NIU to others. This school will help you work to achieve your personal, academic and professional goals. The faculty and staff of NIU want you to succeed, so take advantage of building professional relationships with them. There are so many opportunities for volunteering, leadership, athletics and more.

What is up next for you after your time at NIU? Any career aspirations you would like to share? 
I hope to become an elementary school teacher right out of college!

Any family or other loved ones you would like to mention?
I am so blessed to have a family that has supported me my whole life and continues to believe in me as I pursue my future. I would like to mention Terrah, my sister, because she has helped me grow so much as a person. I couldn’t have done college without this perfect classmate, roommate, life coach and best friend.

What is your favorite place to hang out in the DeKalb area and why?
Sweet Dream Desserts and Barb City Bagels both create amazing treats and a warm atmosphere that makes anyone feel welcome.

Sadie Filipski, a December 2018 graduate, was a 2018 Lincoln Laureate nominee.


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