Edgar Favela

Edgar Favela

#PeopleofNIU Photo by Wade Duerkes/Institutional Communications

Hometown: Streamwood, IL

Year: Senior

Major: Human Development and Family Sciences

Who is your favorite Professor, and why?
Dr. Scott Sibley has just always been there to help me and kind of get me through things. There aren’t a lot of males in my major so he’s kind of helped me get through all of that and really pushed me to go further in this field.

What most excites you about your major?
My emphasis is family social services. When my mom became a teacher she would come home and tell me stories about children who were improving and how some of them didn’t really have the best home life, and that got to me and I that’s where I started to think about having a career helping people, particularly youth. So, I’m really excited to be able to change lives, because there’s a lot of troubled kids out there and you know sometimes they don’t really have that person to push them in the right direction. And if I can be that person then that’s really great.

What most surprised you about NIU?
I would have to say how close the teachers are with students. I expected only big auditorium classes prior to coming to a university I went to community college and it was a small environment as well so coming here wasn’t that big of a transition.

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