Lee Bell

Lee Bell

#PeopleofNIU Photo by Wade Duerkes/Creative Services

Hometown: Aurora, IL

Year: Second Year

Major: Physical Education

What do you like most about NIU?
Definitely the people around the campus and of Sycamore and DeKalb, they’re just really friendly people. Everyone is so welcoming. You walk into the store, and you see someone who you saw last weekend at maybe a party or just at a sporting event, and they remember you. They’ll ask you how you are. They’ll ask you how you’re doing, so I think that’s just really nice.

Who are your favorite professors?
I really liked Professor Taylor Atkins, for my world history class. The way he taught the class wasn’t just sitting down, lecturing. He wanted to get the students involved. Right around then was when we were doing politics. So we talked about that a lot in class, and he really connected to the students. And then Professor Laurie Zittel, she’s extremely passionate about physical education, and she knows what it brings to other students. She knows that we’re there to help them achieve their physical education goals.

What advice do you have for prospective students?
There are so many available resources that I did not know about my freshman year. A lot of scholarships many students can apply for depending on their major. The other advice I have is to always ask questions. Teachers are here for that; they want you to ask questions. If you see them in the hall, they want you to say hi, nice to see you again, that’s why they’re here.

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