Brenda Hart

Brenda Hart

Brenda Hart’s middle name isn’t “organization,” but don’t tell that to colleagues in the Department of Marketing, who describe the office administrator as a “professional multitasker.”

Hart is so highly regarded that she was named last year as a recipient of NIU’s Outstanding Service Award.

Her long list of coordination responsibilities includes the scheduling of courses, department award ceremonies, student luncheons, the Student Appreciation Hot Dog Day, the holiday food drive, student evaluations of faculty and the work schedules of graduate assistants.

And that’s only scratching the surface for the employee known for her outgoing personality, optimistic nature and strong work ethic.

“Brenda is a major reason that I hear from so many people that the Marketing Department is simply one of the best places to work on campus,” said Tim Aurand, the James E. Thompson Professor of Marketing.

Hart has served as president of the College of Business Staff Council, advises the dean on issues and policies regarding support staff and is a member of the college’s Strategic Planning Council.

“We’ve come to take Brenda’s leadership for granted,” Aurand added. “Simply put, when Brenda is involved, things just get done properly, on time and within budget.”

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