Two-component spinor techniques and Feynman rules for quantum field theory and supersymmetry

This is the web page for the review paper "Two-component spinor techniques and Feynman rules for quantum field theory and supersymmetry", by Herbi K. Dreiner, Howard E. Haber, and Stephen P. Martin. The current arXiv version is v6 (313 pages, May 2022). It is available from There is also a version published in Physics Reports 494, 1, (2010), which is nearly identical to the older arXiv version v5.

Here is a PDF file of v6 with the (-1, +1, +1, +1) metric convention, which should be identical in every other respect to the arXiv version v6, which uses the (+1, -1, -1, -1) metric.

Both the (+1,-1,-1,-1) and the (-1, +1, +1, +1) metric versions were made from the same source files available from the arXiv. The choice of metric signature is implemented by simply changing a single character in the main LaTeX source file, namely the argument of line 20, with \def\signofmetric{0} corresponding to the (+1,-1,-1,-1) metric and \def\signofmetric{1} to the (-1, +1, +1, +1) metric. Note that the pdf file is produced with pdflatex.

The list of known corrections for the Physics Reports version (September 2010) is here: dhm_corr_physicsreports.pdf. These corrections have all been implemented in the arXiv v6 version.

A list of corrections for the arXiv v6 will also be made available here. (So far, there are no such corrections.) We will not maintain separate lists of corrections for arXiv v5 and earlier versions.

We welcome further corrections, comments, and suggestions, sent to any of the authors listed above.

A shorter (50 page) discussion can be found as Stephen P. Martin's TASI 2011 lecture notes.