Instructor: Professor S. Martin
Office: 214 La Tourette
Office hours: M,W,F 10:00 to 11:30 (or whenever you can find me).

Class meetings: M,W,F 9:00-9:50, 227 La Tourette

Textbook: Lecture notes distributed instead of an official text.

Another important resource is the Particle Data Group's ``Review of Particle Properties" and its on-line version. You can even order your own free hard copy there. The whole RPP is a very large file, but individual sections can also be downloaded.

You may also want to look at one or more of the books listed just before the Appendices of the lecture notes. However, I will not closely follow any of these books.

Grading: Homework sets assigned about once per week will account for 100% of your course grade. Neatness, organization, and clarity count! Homeworks should be submitted on single-sided paper. Electronic submission of homework is not allowed. Late penalty policy: 10% off for each day after the due date, up to 1 week; 100% off after 5 days. Late means after 4:30 PM. See the syllabus for more grading policy information.

Graduate catalog description: Advanced topics in the standard model of quarks, leptons, gauge bosons and their fundamental interactions. Particle production and decay phenomenology.


Homework #1 assignment (due Wednesday, September 5, 2018)

Homework #2 assignment (due Friday, September 14, 2018)

Homework #3 assignment (due Friday, September 21, 2018)

Homework #4 assignment (due Friday, September 28, 2018)

Homework #5 assignment (due Monday, October 8, 2018)

Homework #6 assignment (due Friday, October 19, 2018)

Homework #7 assignment (due Friday, October 26, 2018)

Homework #8 assignment (due Monday, November 5, 2018)

Homework #9 assignment (due Wednesday, November 14, 2018)

Homework #10 assignment (due Friday, November 30, 2018)

Homework #11 assignment (due Thursday, December 13, 2018)