Welcome to the Ryzhov Group!

Ryzhov Research Group

The Ryzhov group in Spring 2018. From left to right: Allison Carr, Elettra Piacentino, Patrick Vanderjack, Kenny Mundorf, Edwin Rodriguez, Victor Ryzhov, Rafael Quintana, Kevin Parker

In the News

  • Allison Fabino Carr was awarded the NIU Graduate School Great Journeys Assistantship and the departmental Jon Carnahan Memorial Chemistry Scholarship for the 2017–2018 academic year.
  • Congratulations to Michael Lesslie (PhD, 2017). Michael's doctoral dissertation has been recognized by NIU Graduate Council as the most outstanding dissertation of 2016–2017 academic year in the STEM and health sciences category.
  • Elettra Piacentino has received a travel grant from American Society for Mass Spectrometry to present her work “Gas‐phase zinc‐based catalysts for the production of hydrogen from formic acid” at the Sanibel conference in January 2018.
  • A highly collaborative work involving our and Richard O'Hair's (University of Melbourne, Australia) groups as well as the free electron laser facility in France has now been published in Chem Comm.
    Michael Lesslie went to O'Hair's lab in August 2016 to gather the data for the paper as the recipient of NIU Graduate School travel award.
  • Victor Ryzhov has been named as one of the NIU Distinguished Graduate Faculty.