General Physics III: Quantum Physics (Phys 283)

Roland Winkler

Course Description

Physical laws governing optics, atomic, solid state, nuclear, and elementary particle physics using calculus. Not available for credit to students with credit in PHYS 260 or PHYS 261. (Undergraduate Catalog)


Math 230 Calculus II
Phys 251A Fundamentals of Physics II or
Phys 252 Intermediate General Physics or
Phys 273 Fundamentals of Physics II


D. C. Giancoli, Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics, 4th edition, Volume II and III (Pearson, 2009) including MasteringPhysics. Other materials, e.g., student solution manuals are optional.

Supplementary Course Material

All supplementary course materials and also homework assignments will be posted on blackboard.

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