PHYS 498 Senior Seminar

PHYS 499 Seniors Honors Project

Roland Winkler

Course Description

PHYS 498 Senior Seminar (1 credit)

Topics of current interest in physics and physics education. Attendance at the Department of Physics colloquium series required. (Undergraduate Catalog)

PHYS 499 Seniors Honors Project (3 credits)

Program of study and research in a special area of physics selected in consultation with a faculty member and approved by the department chair. Project results evaluated by a faculty panel. A student who receives credit for PHYS 499H may not also receive credit towards the major in PHYS 459. (Undergraduate Catalog)


PHYS 374 and senior standing in physics.


No required textbook. However, students will use the library and other options for their independent research project.

Supplementary Course Material

All supplementary course materials will be posted on blackboard.

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