ELE630 –Advanced Integrated Circuit Engineering (3 c), spring 2015


Required for Electrical Engineering majors

Description:           ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS.  Design of large integrated circuits explored at transistor, gate, and register subsystem level. Mathematical abstractions related to parasitic effects and discussion of physics layout complications.



                                                                        ELE 535 or consent of department.


Textbook(s) and/or other required materials:

                                CMOS, Mixed-Signal Circuit Design (2nd Ed), by R. Jacob Baker.

Reference Book:  CMOS, Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation (3rd Ed), by R. Jacob Baker.


Course Learning Outcomes and their Relationship to ABET outcomes:

  1. Addresses the fundamental concepts of analog and digital signals  (Outcome A)
  2. Learn simulation and design tools  (Outcome B and C)
  3. Provides methods for the design of filters A/D and D/A converters. (Outcome B and D)
  4. Performs circuit simulations and design. (Outcome K)


Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to circuits simulators, particularly WinSpice
  2. Signals, Filters, and Tools
  3. Sampling and Aliasing
  4. Analog filters
  5. Digital filters
  6. Data conversion SNR
  7. Data converter Design basics
  8. Noise-shaping data conversion


  • The course has one Mid-term Exam, one final Exam, and a term project.


Contribution of course to meeting the requirements of Criterion 5:

ELE 630 is a graduate course for the Electrical Engineering students. The course fulfill criterion 5 (b), engineering science and design.

Relationship of course to program outcome:

Coverage of ABET Outcomes: a(4), b(3), c(3), d (2), and k (3). Level of coverage is indicated between parentheses.


Time and Room:                   TTh         12:30  PM– 1:45 PM              , EB 311 

                                Office Hours: TTh  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (or by appointment)


Important Dates: Mid-term Exam: Thursday March 19; Final Exam: May 7, 12 – 1:50 PM. Project due date: April 30, Project presentation: April 30.


Grading: Class assignments = 25%; Mid-term Exam= 15; Final Exam = 25%; Term project = 25; Presentation = 10%.


Note 1: Students (individually or in groups of two) will select projects from a proposed project listing. Students can have their own choice of projects upon the approval by the instructor. Each project has to fulfill the following criteria: a) project description and applications; b) analysis and design (schematics with all calculations); c) SPICE Simulation and verification; d) Reports with Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and References; e) presentation (power point preferred). 


Note 2 Use pen for your answers in the exams and quizzes and don’t erase or scratch the final results. Failing to do so may affect your possible request for reconsiderations.

Note 3: Students must attend all exams, except for emergency, such as medical, cases. Only official documents are accepted, and they must be for the same day and time of the exam.


Course description prepared by: Reza Hashemian, reza@niu.edu Room: EB 302, January, 2015