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This web portal is a repository for a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project under the Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) Program (DUE-0837138).  The program is currently known as Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science (TUES).  The project is titled as Universal Environment for Delivering Remote-Laboratories within the STEM Disciplines with duration the three years, started from June 2009.

The advent of the computer and technology has not drastically changed how teachers teach and students learn and this is much truer for the laboratory courses within the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.  Technological tools are still being used primarily to assist the traditional form of laboratory delivery.  There needs to be a major shift towards the effective use of computer and other emerging technologies in order to bring a radical change in delivering laboratory courses so that it can provide engaging and effective laboratory.

The investigator is collaborating with an educational psychologist and a pedagogical design expert to design and develop a universal Internet accessible remote laboratory environment where student can proceed with their own pace with more flexibility.

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