Facility Reservation Guidelines for Student Groups

Recognized student organizations in good standing with the Student Government Association may request use of Recreation space. There may be a rental fee, and organizations are responsible for costs directly related to the rental. These may include:

  • Additional insurance
  • Set-up/take-down fees
  • Staffing and supplies
  • Janitorial and Physical Plant work
  • Damage to equipment and/or facilities
  • Participation of individuals not affiliated with NIU

Detailed costs are estimated in a rental agreement. Organizations must provide proof of an active university account or funds deposited through OASIS before their reservation is finalized.

For more information, review the On-campus Student Organization Events Policy (PDF). If you have any questions, contact the assistant director for facility operations at 815-753-9353.

Dances and Late-night Events

Only organizations recognized by the Student Government Association are allowed to host dances and late-night events in Recreation facilities.

Organizations should submit requests for dance or late-night events at least four weeks in advance. Approval from Public Safety requires three weeks of advance notice.

Room/Equipment Setup

Organizations can request custom room/equipment setup during an event preparation meeting. We’ll attempt to accommodate requests, if feasible. Groups can provide their own equipment with approval from Recreation.

Recreation does not provide sound systems or speakers. Organizations can request audio equipment from Holmes Student Center Event Services.


We’ll determine staffing based on an assessment of programming and facility needs:

  • Events during normal operational hours may not require additional staff unless we deem it necessary or requested by the organization.
  • Events outside normal operational hours require at least one facility supervisor and one building staff member.
  • Aquatic facility rentals require at least two lifeguards.

Depending on the number of participants/spectators, we may schedule additional staff.


We reserve the right to cancel an event due to reasons such as incomplete paperwork, misrepresentation of an event or failure to abide by Recreation/NIU policies. The logistics of cancellation can be discussed at the contract meeting. Organizations remain responsible for any costs incurred related to the event.

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